Architectural Review Process

All new or modified structures and landscaping endeavors in Hidden Harbour are subject to prior review by the HHHA Board of Trustees, which reserves the right to approve, deny, and / or offer approval with specified modifications – per the deed restrictions attached to each and every property in the Hidden Harbour community.

All endeavors (building and / or landscaping, whether new or modifications of any type, including, but not limited to building modifications, siding, roofing, paving, decks, walks, fences, patios, trees, bushes, shrubs, flower beds, flag poles, lawn ornaments, benches, etc.), must be submitted for approval by the HHHA Board of Trustees prior to the start of any such endeavor.  Please note that new installation or modification of any existing docks or modifications to the shoreline must be submitted to the applicable lake association rather than the HHHA Board of Trustees.

Each request for review must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by appropriate drawings (to scale, relative to property lines, setbacks, etc.).  Adjacent neighbors will be given a two week comment period to review the request prior to the ACC making a decision.

Hidden Harbour deed restrictions (which are available in this section of our web site) specify the guidelines by which the HHHA Board of Trustees will determine if a request is approved, denied, or approved with specified modifications.

Download the ACC Request Form here:

ACC Design Review Form

For properties adjacent to Moon Lake, ACC approval comes from the Moon Lake Association rather than the HHHA Board of Trustees.  Please click the link below for Moon Lake Association guidelines:

Moon Lake Guidelines

To submit a request to the Moon Lake Association, please email one of the Board members below:

Jon Elston:

Doug Beat:

John Sperry: